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The Difference Between HDPE and mposite Lumber  Wood

The Difference Between HDPE and mposite Lumber Wood

HDPE stands for High-Density Polyethylene. HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer that is made from petroleum. HDPE has several outstanding properties, including being high-impact resistant, a large strength-to-density ratio, a high melting point, and high tensile strength. Examples of products that are made out of virgin HDPE plastic include milk jugs, s See full list on mposite decit boards are created by mbining natural and synthetic materials. There are many types of mposite decit, including capped and uncapped. Typically, mpanies like Trex use a mbination of wood fibers or wood flour that are encased by plastic skin. There’s no denying that mposite lumber will last longer than wood, however, the... See full list on In the majority of cases, HDPE is a better option, especially when strength is required. When floor joists, rafters, trusses, and framing are built, structural lumber is required. mposite isn’t strong enough to act as structural support, however, fiberglass reinforced HDPE lumberis. In fact, thanks to the fiberglass reinforcement, the Structural ... See full list on It doesn’t matter what kind of nstruction project is tait place, our team can help you determine which grade of plastic lumber fits your needs. Just a few examples of the nstruction projects we’ve seen built with plastic lumber include: 1. Decks 2. Boardwalks 3. Furniture 4. Horse Stalls 5. Barns We can be reached by phone ((610) 277-3900) or... See full list on

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